Privacy & Security Policy

Privacy Policy

The Vermont Lottery does not sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose e-mail addresses, mailing lists or other personally identifiable information unless required by law. E-mail messages will only be sent from the Vermont Lottery or its agent, and profiles will not be released to marketing prize partners without expressed electronic consent from the player unless required by law. By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that the Vermont Lottery and promotional partners reserve the right to use your name, town, and image in any promotional materials, including Web site, e-mail, print, TV and/or radio, to the extent permitted by law.

Security Policy

The Vermont Lottery and its web site vendor have taken numerous steps to protect the safety and security of the Vermont 2nd Chance web site. These measures are designed and intended to prevent corruption of data, block unknown or unauthorized access to our systems and information, ensure the security of any information that is transmitted, and maintain the integrity of the Vermont 2nd Chance program.

The Vermont 2nd Chance web site is a promotional platform and it is separate and distinct from all other Vermont Lottery gaming operations and associated data. The web site is hosted in a secure server environment entirely separate from the Vermont Lottery gaming operations and networks. Data related to the web site is also maintained in a secure environment separate from the Vermont Lottery gaming operations and networks.

WARNING -- The Vermont 2nd Chance system is monitored regularly by Vermont Lottery personnel and its web site vendor. If security monitoring reveals possible criminal activity or any attempts to circumvent the security and rules of the game, information pertaining to such activity may be provided to the appropriate authorities, possibly resulting in prosecution. Additionally, the Vermont Lottery will also immediately and without warning revoke a player's Vermont 2nd Chance membership permanently.